AGI-KASA Selects coUrbanize for Community Engagement at South San Francisco PUC Site Development

San Francisco, CA – December 17, 2018 – Avant Group Inc. and KASA Partners have engaged leading online community engagement platform coUrbanize to launch a comprehensive, inclusive outreach process for the development of the South San Francisco PUC site, which is located between Mission Road and El Camino Real at Oak Avenue. With coUrbanize, AGI-KASA will keep the project on track by efficiently communicating their vision and collecting constructive input online from South San Francisco community members.

The vacant 5.9-acre PUC site, located along Mission Road just north of the planned Community Civic Campus in South San Francisco, was held by the former South San Francisco Redevelopment Agency for the past 10 years. In May 2018, AGI-KASA was selected as the developer for the site in a competitive bidding process conducted by the City of South San Francisco.

The development of the PUC site will bring significant changes to the community of South San Francisco. AGI-KASA is committed to gathering constructive input from a more representative group of community members, in addition to those who can attend in-person meetings. They have selected coUrbanize for its unique purpose-built outreach tools. Community members can find the project site on coUrbanize at

Brian Baker, VP of Development at Avant Group, Inc., says the idea behind engaging coUrbanize is to offer a comprehensive resource for the community to learn about the project and provide thoughtful, constructive input.

“AGI-KASA is committed to working with the South San Francisco community throughout the entire development process,” Baker said. “With coUrbanize’s online outreach tools, we are creating new avenues for feedback so that community members who don’t have time to attend public hearings can still educate themselves about the project and participate.”

With coUrbanize, AGI-KASA gives the broader South San Francisco community additional opportunities to learn about the South San Francisco PUC site and share their feedback. In addition to automatic Spanish, Tagalog and Chinese language translation, community members can submit comments and get notified about new project updates via text message, with no internet connection needed.

“A project of this scale and historical significance led us to look for new ways to make it easier for the South San Francisco community to participate,” said Andrew Kawahara, Partner at KASA Partners. “coUrbanize does just that. It also makes it easy for us to report on feedback from the community and show that we’re listening.”

coUrbanize is the only online community engagement solution purpose-built for real estate and planning. The company was founded by urban planners from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and has helped more than 300 projects across North America engage with community members, avoid delays and secure faster approvals.

“Traditional public meetings are an important part of the development process, but they can be a challenge for many people to attend,” said coUrbanize founder and CEO Karin Brandt. “By using technology to reach people and reducing barriers to participation, AGI-KASA is enabling more people to get involved early to reduce the surprises and friction that often lead to costly delays.”

AGI-KASA is hosting a series of public meetings and workshops for the project starting this winter, and will be using the coUrbanize project site for ongoing engagement throughout the process. Community members can find more information about the project, as well as opportunities to share their feedback directly with AGI-KASA, at


AGI-KASA is a joint venture of Avant Group, Inc. and KASA Partners, who collectively have developed more than 1,000 new transit oriented urban infill multifamily units in the San Francisco Bay Area and believe that successful development in the San Francisco Bay Area requires both a commitment to disciplined economic principles as well as a commitment to community and civic goals. As local Bay Area focused developers, AGI-KASA takes pride in the projects and relationships it builds with its investors, neighbors, and partners in the industry.

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coUrbanize is the only online community engagement solution purpose-built for real estate developers and municipal planners. Paired with traditional mechanisms for community engagement, coUrbanize has helped secure faster approvals on more than 300 projects across North America. coUrbanize verifies all participants, supports two-way communication, and automatically generates comprehensive reports. With coUrbanize, companies like Boston Properties, Alexandria Real Estate Equities and JBG Smith are gaining control of the engagement process and preventing the surprises and miscommunication that lead to costly project delays.

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