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To speed through approvals, Boston Properties went digital

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An innovative approach to development for an innovative neighborhood

In recent years, no developer has rezoned a large-scale area in historic Cambridge, MA, faster than Boston Properties for its Kendall Square Urban Renewal Plan. Boston Properties made it through the entitlement process for the Kendall Square Urban Renewal Plan in just 12 months – the fastest rezoning of a large-scale area that historic Cambridge, Massachusetts has seen in years.

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Sharing information for powerful results

Boston Properties shared streamlined facts, renderings, timelines, and updates via their online project page-a single source of digestible information to get the public on the same page. The result: a project with less friction, less contention, and faster approval.

“Projects of similar scope operating in the same neighborhood have taken years to get through the entitlement process. With coUrbanize, we did it in under 12 months.

Forward-thinking developers are embracing transparency early on in the process. coUrbanize provides a simple platform to disseminate facts, and the community responded by focusing on and supporting the true impact this project will have on the neighborhood.”

Michael Cantalupa
SVP Development
Boston Properties

Taking a community-focused approach

The traditional process, which relies heavily on in-person meetings, often fails to engage a broad, representative population. So Boston Properties and the Cambridge Redevelopment Authority took the conversation to the sidewalk to engage silent supporters. Signs placed in public areas prompted the community to share ideas for the neighborhood by text message. In real time, all submissions were featured on coUrbanize, where community members could show their support and respond.

Cambridge Development
Cambridge Development

Earning quick approval

Instead of learning about 1 million square feet of new development when the cranes arrived, residents learned about the project by being invited to contribute their ideas. This changed the dynamic between residents and the developer and the way the community experienced new development.

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