Planners have a tough job.

How do you create sustainable, thriving communities?

The first step = ensuring that planning decisions made today actually reflect the experiences of people who live, work and build their businesses there.

We help planning departments, regional planning agencies and consultants reach more people in the communities they serve.

Cities and Towns

“We’re always striving to make outreach more equitable and accessible, so adding a virtual component to our engagement practices is a huge leap forward. Ultimately, more community members shared their stories and ideas because of coUrbanize. That’s always the goal for community engagement – to activate more voices, especially those who too often go unheard.”

Mayu Takeda
Senior Planner

Case Study: Cambridge City Manager Search

Cambridge City Manager Case Study

Engaging the Entire Community to Find the Ideal Candidate for City Manager

Learn how the City of Cambridge used community feedback to make their City Manager search more inclusive than ever.

Where we work

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“coUrbanize helped us engage with more people in the community, which was ultimately one of the most important critical success factors for this project. Our partnership with coUrbanize helps us unlock more value for our clients, like the City of Detroit, while also creating a more inclusive partnership process.”

Katrina Lewis
Senior Consultant


Ohio Mobility Study

Gwinnett Place Mall

Cambridge City Manager Search
Cambridge, MA

Cambridge, MA
City of Cambridge

Resilient Washtenaw
Washtenaw, MI

Resilient Washtenaw
Resilient Washtenaw