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Community Spotlights

Womanhood – Santa Clara County, CA

How Santa Clara Community Members Shaped the Direction of Public Art to Honor Women

A multiyear public art project in Santa Clara County, California, Womanhood launched in 2020 with the goal of recognizing women’s contributions to the region in public spaces. Led by the County’s Office of Women’s Policy, the project will utilize temporary and online public artworks, the naming or renaming of public buildings and spaces, and permanent artwork in public places to commemorate women who have had an impact on the county.

As part of its goal to “share stories for, by, and about women of all intersectional identities,” Womanhood decided to use a variety of tools, including the coUrbanize platform, to gather ideas and recommendations from women in the community. In particular, project leaders looked to the coUrbanize interactive map feature to tag existing art and named spaces, temporary Womanhood projects, and opportunities to add additional recognition.

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Womanhood - Santa Clara County, CA
Womanhood - Santa Clara County, CA

Kayla Brockington, CEO, Project Niche

“It’s hard for young people to find adequate affordable housing if they choose not to go to college or don’t have parents they can live with,” says Kayla Brockington, who founded Project Niche to teach teens independent living skills and connect them with resources to prevent them from entering [...]

Amy VanDoren, Neighborhood Resident

As a resident of Salem and a neighbor of the Leefort Terrace public housing project for the last 16 years, Amy VanDoren has seen a number of proposals to improve the development, none of which ever came to fruition. “When we first moved here, the plan was to put a senior center in that location; then there was a proposal for seaside cottages…Those two projects had a lot of promise as far as we were concerned. But it’s tough to get anything in there — It’s basically abandoned land,” she says.

Zeehan Wazed, Artist

Growing up as a kid in Queens, then-budding artist Zeehan Wazed noticed at a young age that the visual arts weren’t represented in his community as they were in other boroughs. “There’s a lot of food and culture, but Queens is lacking in the arts. There just isn’t a lot [...]

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