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Real estate developers use coUrbanize to help shape the vision for their projects. From getting an initial understanding of the community and its priorities to getting specific feedback on retail options or placemaking, coUrbanize gives more people a way to share their ideas and support for projects in their neighborhoods. Find out more about how we work with developers: https://www.courbanize.com/real-estate-developers/

There are a lot of misconceptions about affordable housing, yet there’s a dire need in the U.S. for new solutions to the housing crisis. coUrbanize helps you dispel these misconceptions, activate supporters for affordable housing and promote the importance of your project. Find out more about how we help affordable housing providers: https://www.courbanize.com/affordable-housing/

During construction, coUrbanize lets you proactively update the community about project progress and impacts on traffic, access, etc. Community feedback, questions and concerns are captured in one place, reducing the volume of calls and emails on-site staff must manage.

coUrbanize also helps our customers build momentum and excitement for projects because people know exactly what is happening in their neighborhood. Learn about the construction projects that leverage coUrbanize: https://www.courbanize.com/construction/

Yes! Cities, towns and regional planning agencies across the U.S. use coUrbanize to inform community members about planning projects and drive civic participation. From master planning and visioning projects to transit-oriented development and proposed zoning changes, coUrbanize gives community members an easy way to shape the future of their communities. Find out more about how we help municipalities. https://www.courbanize.com/municipalities/

coUrbanize doesn’t replace public meetings. Instead, it offers alternative ways for community members to participate even if they can’t make it to a public meeting. Most people don’t attend these meetings, yet their feedback is important and deserves to be represented.

With coUrbanize, they can share their thoughts, questions and support by posting a comment online, sending a text, or even leaving a voicemail. All comments are captured on your coUrbanize project page. Many customers roll out coUrbanize before community listening sessions or public hearings begin so they can start building a rapport with the community and bring that initial data into the meetings.

coUrbanize was designed by a team of city planners to drive engagement and build support during the public outreach phase of development and planning projects. Other engagement platforms have applications for school districts, transportation departments, etc, yet they aren’t designed for project teams who want to easily share their vision with the community and capture their feedback.

With coUrbanize, you get more than basic customer support. You have a dedicated team that will help you roll out a proven formula for driving online engagement. Just because you create an online presence for your project doesn’t necessarily mean people will know how to find it or why they should participate. We’ve designed a phased strategy to activate the community based on what’s worked successfully across 400+ projects.

Even if you don’t anticipate facing opposition, you can’t skip out on community engagement. coUrbanize helps you make the most of strong community connections while also capturing people’s voices you don’t usually hear because they can’t attend a public meeting.

You can get a new coUrbanize project page up and running in less than an hour. Once your project is live, our customer success team helps you scale outreach and drive participation with a proven strategy that’s worked on more than 400 projects. That means that you can spend as little as 15 minutes a week managing your coUrbanize project page (i.e. responding to comments, posting an update, etc.).

coUrbanize offers more than just a space to upload photos or share a few sentences about a project. It is a platform designed to connect project teams with those who live, work and play near the project – to gather their feedback and capture their support through a two-way dialogue with the project team.

The harsh reality is that most people don’t attend community meetings or public hearings, and those who do go to these meetings don’t always represent their fellow neighbors. A Boston University study found that, on average, public meeting attendees were older, richer and more likely to be white than the average resident in that community.

coUrbanize removes a major barrier to participation and empowers people to share feedback online, via text or voicemail. coUrbanize can also be translated into multiple languages, removing another barrier. Our goal is to make community engagement as inclusive and representative as possible. Residents of a community offer something to the conversation that no planner or developer can: lived experiences and knowledge that cannot be satisfied by outside experts. This results in more neighborhood-specific placemaking that makes the process more sustainable.

Yes! Many of our customers opt to translate their project pages into multiple languages, breaking down a tremendous barrier that prevents community members from participating in the conversation.