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The best projects are community-driven, not contentious

Community engagement on the road to entitlements shouldn’t feel like a battle. In fact, the process should activate people who usually sit on the sidelines so you have a bigger coalition of supporters. That’s what coUrbanize does.

The result?

Better community conversations, from concept to construction.

Commercial Real Estate Development

JBG Smith

“With a project of this scale and this much potential development, we really wanted to find new opportunities to access community members who couldn’t show up at board hearings and wait six hours to testify.”

Andrew Van Horn
Former Executive Vice President

The real estate teams using coUrbanize

bxp Boston Properties
JBG Smith
Foulger Pratt
Brookfield Properties
Trinity Financial

Case Study: Southline

Case Study

Using a Hybrid Approach to Secure Two City Council Approvals for a Bay Area Life Sciences Campus

Learn how project leaders were able to incorporate community feedback into project plans, securing approval from both the South San Francisco and San Bruno City Councils.


“Community engagement and outreach is a critical part of how we plan our projects. The pandemic’s limitations on in-person engagement made it harder to interact in person with the local community. coUrbanize has helped us through this period in very meaningful ways. Overall, what we’ve heard from the community through coUrbanize has been positive, productive, and very useful to the project.”

Brian Collins
EVP and Director of Development


“It is rare to come across a team of people who are so enthusiastic about their product and equally so customer service oriented. As developers, we have always thought it important to engage with our neighbors and the community at large. We need that feedback, good and bad, to improve what we build. coUrbanize has proven to be invaluable.”

Chuck Berman
Co-Founder and Managing Principal


Innovation QNS
Mega Project | Mixed Use

Innovation QNS

CF Fairview Pointe Claire
Parking redevelopment

Pointe Claire
Cadillac Fairview

Fern Hill

Fern Hill
Fern Hill