The pressure is on for affordable housing

But bias and misconceptions block good projects

The U.S. has faced a housing crisis for years. COVID-19 amplified the problem. We need more quality housing that’s affordable, but new proposals face an uphill battle with neighbors’ anxiety about what affordable housing actually is and who benefits from it.

We help affordable housing developers tackle this head on.

With early outreach and trust-building, coUrbanize empowers more people to actually understand the community benefits of housing development and eliminates barriers for people who need that housing the most to voice their support.

Affordable Housing FAQs

3x increase in affordable housing projects on coUrbanize from 2019 to 2020.

Case Study: C40 Community Garfield Park

Affordable Housing Project

Ensuring Community Buy In for an Eco-Friendly Affordable Housing Project

Learn how the Preservation of Affordable Housing incorporated community input for a new, eco-friendly affordable housing development in Chicago’s Garfield Park neighborhood.

Mercy Housing

“Mercy Housing California brings affordable housing to vibrant, diverse communities and that means our community engagement strategies must reflect the values of the communities in which we’re building. coUrbanize gives community members multiple ways to share their feedback and ask questions, which ultimately plays a big role in building trust with our projects’ future neighbors.”

Amy Bayley
Vice President of Community Planning


“coUrbanize helped us put together a comprehensive platform where people could learn about our project and build a sense of community and excitement around it. It allowed us to continue some form of community engagement during the pandemic and will now complement in-person work as our project moves forward. coUrbanize is user-friendly and helped us keep people informed and build trust. Their staff understands development and have been able to provide valuable support along the way.”

Molly Ekerdt
Vice President

Our affordable housing customers

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Detroit Shoreway
Mercy Housing
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Mission First
Trinity Financial
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“coUrbanize helps us communicate the vision and benefits for our affordable housing projects. We get to educate the community about what these developments really are, the value they bring to the neighborhood, and how supporters can get involved to ensure they come to life.”

Craig Nicholson
Former Director of Real Estate Acquisitions

Winn Companies

“Once entitlement began, coUrbanize allowed us to move quicker through the process because we were able to demonstrate how informed and engaged the residents are. The documented feedback we received from stakeholders, and subsequent changes to our plans as a result, were provided to agencies. This eliminated extra time and meetings where we would present back-and-forth updates with residents, and justification of changes to the reviewing agencies.”

Andrew Colbert
Vice President of Development


Winston-Salem Choice Neighborhood
North Carolina | Redevelopment

Winston Salem

Mary Ellen McCormack
Boston | Redevelopment

Mary Ellen McCormack
Winn Companies

Burbank Senior Housing
LA | Redevelopment

Burbank Boulevard
Mercy Housing