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Community guidelines

The goal of coUrbanize is to encourage productive conversations and information sharing between community members, real estate developers, and municipal planners. Our community guidelines are designed to ensure that conversations are constructive, even when commenters don’t agree with each other.


Real name policy

If you go to an in-person community meeting to speak, you start by introducing yourself. It’s the same on coUrbanize: before we display your comments, we ask that you log in with your real name. (For example: John Smith, J. Smith, and John S. are all acceptable – J.S. is not.)
We also ask representatives of real estate companies, city planning entities, and other community groups to provide verification before they are permitted to post on behalf of an organization.

Real names help us keep coUrbanize a transparent and respectful place for everyone to voice their opinions. If you don’t provide a real name, your comments will be hidden from view until you update your profile.


coUrbanize is a space for community members, real estate teams, and city planners to have open conversations and exchange ideas. To make sure that conversations are constructive, and all community members feel comfortable participating, coUrbanize moderates the conversation on project pages.

coUrbanize values diverse opinions, so you may disagree with some of the comments or content you encounter. In order to maintain a welcoming environment for all community members, your participation must always be respectful of others. We don’t expect all commenters to agree with each other – diverse opinions are part of the process! However, comments should be constructive and relevant to the conversation. This means that spam, harassment, profanity, ad hominem attacks, and hate speech in any form are prohibited. coUrbanize automatically hides comments that do not comply.

The following types of comments will be removed and are also grounds for suspending the posting individual from the platform:

  • Comments that are libelous or defamatory, or include harassment or threats.
  • Profanity
  • Hate speech or attacks on anyone based on their race, ethnicity, national origin, sex, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, socioeconomic status, immigration status, age, disabilities, or diseases.
  • Content that is obscene, violent, pornographic, or lewd.
  • Content that could be classified by the moderator as spam. Some examples of behaviors that violate coUrbanize’s rules against spam include:
  • Consistently sharing links only, without any commentary
  • Posting duplicate or similar content across multiple accounts
  • Posting multiple, duplicate updates from one account
  • Creating fake accounts or creating a user account under a fake name
  • Posting excessive comments in an attempt to manipulate or undermine the platform
  • Attempting to solicit, market, or sell products or services.

Only coUrbanize has the ability to remove comments from project websites. They are only removed when a conversation does not comply with community guidelines. No real estate or planning project team members can hide or delete a comment, or have a comment removed.

Collaborative participation

coUrbanize won’t hide, edit, or delete comments that comply with these community guidelines, and we do not alter popularity ranking. However, if you see something that you feel is inappropriate, you can flag a questionable comment for review by clicking the flag icon next to it. You can also contact us with more detailed questions at


coUrbanize respects your privacy. We will not share your private information with project team members or advertisers without your expressed consent. We also ask that you do not post private or copyrighted information without permission. You can find more detailed information in our Terms of Use.

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