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How a suburban mall redevelopment overcame political opposition

About Wilton Mall

A collaboration between the Macerich Corporation and Paramount Development, the Wilton Mall redevelopment will transform an aging mall in upstate New York into a vibrant, mixed-use destination.

The plans for 382 luxury, market-rate apartments and townhomes would replace a vacant department store and include new pedestrian connections to revitalize the shopping center.

Using coUrbanize, the Wilton Mall team:

  • Learned what misinformation was circulating and presented the facts
  • Reached beyond the usual suspects at public meetings to reach a broad swath of the community
  • Produced indisputable evidence of support to present to public officials

If we had used a static website instead of coUrbanize, we would not have learned what specific misinformation was being spread. And once we knew that, it was very easy to counter because the correct information was right there on the coUrbanize website.

Tawney Farmer Vice President of Development

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