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JBG SMITH | Building Crystal City, Amazon’s HQ2 Home

The challenge:

Reaching the silent supporters who don’t attend public meetings

Connecting with silent supporters of new real estate development is imperative to securing approval for large-scale projects like Central District Retail, outside of Washington, DC.

Central District Retail is one of JBG SMITH’s major planned developments in Crystal City, part of the “National Landing” neighborhood that made headlines in late 2018 as the location of Amazon’s HQ2. It will transform the area from what feels like an office park into a space where people want to spend more time outside of the 9-to-5.

An innovative engagement strategy with digital tools

But the usual “abutter outreach” approach, with in-person meetings and flyers, wouldn’t be enough to get the project approved. JBG SMITH had to reach the broad base of community members who not only live in Crystal City, but also spend time there. They were ready and waiting for new development to make Crystal City more vibrant and dynamic.

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