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Saint John
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“Like many communities, Tewksbury has struggled with low attendance at in-person meetings. We needed to quickly gather input for our visioning process to move toward implementation. The coUrbanize product helped us gather hundreds of comments in just days, bringing new voices and valuable perspectives into the fold.”

Steve Sadwick

Director of Community Development

Town of Tewksbury, MA

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Municipal Projects

How can coUrbanize help my planning or zoning project?

Municipalities use coUrbanize as a centralized resource for new planning initiatives. With coUrbanize, you host an online community forum and interactive map to share plans and gather representative input quickly. coUrbanize’s online platform also offers innovative features to gather spatial feedback and visual preference data, synthesize information for analysis, and ensure constructive conversations.

coUrbanize helps planners from the earliest visioning phase of a project to the final phase of collecting feedback on draft plans. You can use coUrbanize to scale your community engagement, helping you reach a broad audience while saving money and valuable staff time.

How is coUrbanize different from what I’m already doing?

coUrbanize’s technology solution is complementary to the community meeting. Municipalities like the City of Summit, NJ who use coUrbanize receive better quality feedback from a more inclusive group of community members, making it possible to iterate on plans faster and more efficiently.

coUrbanize also offers tools to streamline community meetings. Project data and feedback can be easily packaged and presented for meeting attendees, and included in the public record. coUrbanize also has innovative tools like text messaging that enable and enhance community feedback in real-time during meetings.

How does coUrbanize make my planning or zoning project more inclusive?

Projects that use coUrbanize receive broader and more representative feedback than those that rely on in-person meetings alone. With coUrbanize, community members can participate 24/7 by learning about the project and providing feedback online or on the go, even if they can’t attend meetings.

With easy-to-use translation tools, your coUrbanize project is accessible to everyone in a community, even if English isn’t their first language. Community members can even use coUrbanize if they don’t have access to a computer. Our SMS text-message integration makes it easy to to add ideas and receive project updates on a cell phone.

How much time does it take to manage a coUrbanize project?

Planners can get a new coUrbanize project up and running in less than a day – in most cases, it only takes a few hours. Once a project is live, coUrbanize scales outreach online so staff spend as little as 15 minutes a week communicating with community members through email updates and a moderated discussion forum. coUrbanize also has a dedicated community outreach specialist to help planners save time and incorporate best practices for their project.