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How the City created a TOD plan through 18 months of community engagement


Manchester is New Hampshire’s largest city, just 51 miles north of Boston, with a population of ~113,000.

The opportunity

Transit-oriented development (TOD) emphasizes compact and pedestrian-oriented mixed-use developments centered around well-connected transit services. The Manchester TOD plan seeks to enable new places to live, work, and recreate near convenient options to walk, bike, or take transit. The plan would attract investment and provide Manchester residents with an

improved quality of life through better access to jobs, stores, healthcare, parks, and entertainment.

The Southern New Hampshire Planning Commission (SNHPC) and the consultant design team (led by Goody Clancy) engaged those who live, work, study, and recreate in Manchester to shape a comprehensive transit-oriented development plan, the rst of its kind to be completed in the state. The efforts built off of the momentum seen in recent years to revitalize the Millyard and historic downtown.

The project team implemented a robust engagement strategy to develop a community-driven plan.

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