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What is coUrbanize?

coUrbanize is a civic engagement platform for urban development projects. Residents use coUrbanize to learn about real estate and planning projects and share their input. Real estate developers, project planners, and municipalities list projects on coUrbanize to share information and gather broader resident feedback to supplement the in-person meeting process.

How It Works



Get the Facts

Learn about local projects with all the reports, meeting information, and impact visualizations in one place.

Stay Updated

Follow a project to subscribe to email updates about new milestones, upcoming meetings, and new topics.

Join the Discussion

Add comments to give your feedback directly to project developers and respond to your neighbor's comments.

Share the Facts

Make project information easy to understand with simple visualizations that explain project impacts.

Engage Broader Audiences

Keep project followers updated with messages about new milestones, meetings, and questions you need answered.

Improve Communication

Improve your relationship with the neighborhood by soliciting online input and responding directly to concerns.

Explore Projects


"coUrbanize helped us save time. We were able to easily integrate the comment data and analytics into our reported findings."

- Tom Evans, Executive Director, Cambridge Redevelopment Center


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