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Quality Affordable Housing: The Pathway to Healthy Communities

Our country was suffering through a housing crisis, even before the pandemic – and it’s even worse today. Affordable housing developers are scrambling to address the demand and long-term community needs that have emerged because of COVID-19. 

We were lucky enough to sit down with a few experts addressing this everyday – Molly Ekerdt of POAH, Jolene Saul of Brinshore Development, Craig Nicholson of Just-A-Start Corporation, and Aspasia Xypolia of The Community Builders. These experts are working in markets across the country to build quality housing that individuals and families can afford. We talked about new challenges they’re facing, what’s changed about the market, and what has remained the same. 

The growing need for affordable housing across the country and changing community needs aren’t the only challenges developers are facing. The pandemic has also altered the funding landscape, the process for entitlements and how communication and community engagement can happen. Our panelists share strategies that have been effective so far this year, as well as community engagement challenges that they’re still grappling with. 

One thing is clear: the right to quality, affordable housing for everyone is the pathway to healthy cities and prosperous communities, as our panelist Aspasia Xypolia shared. How can we mobilize our communities to address this overwhelming need? How do we identify the right messaging and data to address community concerns?

Check out the recording of “The State of Affordable Housing Development” if you didn’t get a chance to listen live. A big thank you to our panelists for sharing their wisdom, perspectives, and experiences!

State of Affordable Housing

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