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coUrbanize Launches Private Feedback and Project Landing Pages 

coUrbanize Launches Private Feedback and Project Landing Pages

Updated Features to Bring More Voices and Greater Flexibility to Community Outreach Strategies

Boston, Mass., July 23, 2020 – coUrbanize, the online community engagement platform purpose-built for real estate teams and city planners, today rolled out two new features designed to give customers new ways to share their project vision and gather essential community feedback. 

In addition to sharing public comments online via text message and voicemail, community members can now share their feedback privately with a project team. This new feature enables project teams to use coUrbanize across more phases of the real estate lifecycle. For example, developers can use private feedback to test project concepts during pre-development. Post-entitlements, private feedback can capture questions and community interest from construction to ribbon-cutting. 

Private feedback also gives residents and local stakeholders a less intimidating vehicle in which to share feedback that is contrary to or different from popular opinion. The feature empowers community members to share ideas and ask questions with less fear and hesitation.  

“Private feedback has been one of our most-requested features recently from both our customers and the communities they serve,” said Karin Brandt, CEO and Founder of coUrbanize. “It gives developers and planners another tool to activate community members who typically don’t participate in the process.”

coUrbanize has also introduced new project landing pages that enable real estate teams to create a more visually-driven experience for community members to learn about a project and its impact on their neighborhood. 

“These new pages put our customers’ branding front and center and gives them more space to share the project vision and the community benefits that are most impactful to existing community members,” said Brandt.  

You can see these new landing pages in action on the Crystal City Parks project and the MXD Substation Development Plan. 

This is the third release of new features for coUrbanize since April, showcasing the company’s commitment to finding new solutions for real estate teams as they navigate the pandemic and long-overdue calls to address racial bias and make community engagement a more inclusive process. 

About coUrbanize

coUrbanize gives people a way to share their feedback and have a voice in a development or public planning process without having to go to a meeting – by simply posting a comment online or texting in their ideas – and having a two-way dialogue with the project team. More than 400 development and real estate teams have used coUrbanize to scale public outreach in a more inclusive way, have more productive conversations with the community, and ultimately build critical support for their projects. For more information, please visit cour.loc or request a demo


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