Thoughtful community engagement benefits both developers and communities. Build better projects and keep them on track with coUrbanize.

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Lead constructive conversations, from concept to ribbon cutting.

Communications tools keep discussions on track with enforced community guidelines and a real-name policy.

Our partners are using coUrbanize to grow vibrant neighborhoods.

JBG Smith
bxp Boston Properties
Hudson Pacific Properties
Brookfield Properties

Provide educational resources for fact-based conversations.

Interactive visualizations and project descriptions educate with facts.

Traffic Study

“We were trying to compress the amount of time that it takes to go through the planning process. We found that, by getting people’s feedback early on, we got to “yes” much more quickly than we ordinarily would have.”

David Stewart

VP Development

Boston Properties


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Social Soigns

Hear from silent supporters who haven’t attended public meetings.

Reach the audience that actually represents the community with customizable tools like text messaging.

How to host productive community meetings and avoid derailments

Use our proven methods to host constructive conversations at your next meeting.

People who attend community meetings aren’t always representative of the community as a whole. Bringing more voices to the conversation builds stronger support for your project faster.

So, how do you overcome this and reach a more representative audience who would be impacted by your project?