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Your time, budget, and reputation are always on the line. Protect them, and keep your project moving with coUrbanize.

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Control the conversation, from concept to ribbon cutting.

Communications tools keep discussions on track with enforced community guidelines and a real-name policy.

Our partners are using coUrbanize to build better projects faster.

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bxp Boston Properties
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Refocus emotional arguments.

Interactive visualizations and project descriptions educate with facts.

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“Projects of similar scope operating in the same neighborhood have taken years to get through the entitlement process. With coUrbanize, we did it in under 12 months.”

Michael Cantalupa

SVP Development

Boston Properties

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Hear from silent supporters, not just the vocal opposition.

Reach the audience that actually represents the community with customizable tools like text messaging.


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How can coUrbanize help my development?

With coUrbanize, you take control of the conversation. When you build a project communication hub for your development on coUrbanize, you gain opportunities to correct misinformation, avoid ambushes at community meetings, and activate your community’s silent supporters.

coUrbanize’s technology platform accelerates project timelines, helps developers overcome NIMBYism, and makes projects inclusive – all with less opposition and more outreach. Use coUrbanize to share plans, secure approvals faster, and streamline communication from conception to approval to ribbon cutting.

How is coUrbanize different from what I’m already doing?

coUrbanize is a technology enablement tool that developers like Boston Properties use alongside in-person community meetings to activate a project’s silent supporters and YIMBYs, ensuring that the planning process isn’t held hostage by a vocal minority of project opponents. They also receive better quality feedback through coUrbanize, making it possible to iterate on plans faster and avoid expensive project delays.

coUrbanize’s tools can actually streamline the community meeting process. Project data and feedback can be easily packaged and presented for meeting attendees, and included in the public record. coUrbanize also offers innovative features like text messaging that enable and enhance community feedback in real-time during meetings.

There isn’t any community opposition for my project. Why do I need coUrbanize?

coUrbanize helps developers make the most of strong community connections while also including everyone in the conversation. With the coUrbanize technology platform, development teams are efficiently scaling their outreach and shortening project timelines, keeping projects on time and on budget.

Developers who use coUrbanize give all community members an equal voice, regardless of individual schedules and time constraints. coUrbanize community members engage with developers through inclusive technology like text messages and online forums, ensuring better outcomes and strengthening community connections for years to come.

How much time does it take to manage a coUrbanize project?

Developers can get a new coUrbanize project up and running in less than a day – in most cases, it only takes a few hours. Once a project is live, coUrbanize scales outreach online so that developers spend as little as 15 minutes a week communicating with community members through email updates and a moderated discussion forum. coUrbanize has as dedicated community outreach specialist available to help developers save time and incorporate best practices for the discussion forum.

Avoid ambushes, hijackings & derailments

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Ensure more productive, predictable community meetings with our white paper

Community meetings are a necessary part of the entitlement process, but they can also be a waste of time. A few well-organized vocal opponents can cause delays that drive up costs up by tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Luckily, with the right strategies, you can ensure more productive and predictable meetings – which means time and money saved.